Choose Lawrence Wealth Management Because;

  • Your financial interests ALWAYS come first. Our financial interests are perfectly aligned with yours because our compensation is based solely on a percentage of assets under management.

  • Experience matters. Our thirty years of investment experience is especially relevant; we successfully navigate challenging, volatile markets and only offer the sound, long term strategies you need.

  • Always swift, private, and personal. Because we are a boutique firm, we provide customized solutions and highly responsive customer service.


More About Lawrence Wealth Management

Our Team

We deliver customized financial and investments solutions to a select number of clients. As a client of Lawrence Wealth Management, you will always benefit from our years of experience navigating challenging and volatile markets. Learn more about our team of financial advisors.

Mission & Philosophy

We receive no compensation from the sale of any investment product. As a result, our financial interests are always aligned with yours. Our "fee-only" compensation means you can have confidence that our advice is independent and our recommendations are based on your best interests. Learn more about our mission and philosophy.

Services & Fees

We deliver competent, conflict free financial advice to you always. We prepare comprehensive financial plans that provide a financial road map to help you achieve your financial goals.  These plans bring together your assets, savings estimates, investment return assumptions, social security, insurance, among many other assumptions. Learn more about our services and fees.

Investment Strategy

Even with the support of a trusted financial advisor, it is important to have your own understanding of your investment strategy, the markets anticipated behavior, and your long term goals. Please join us for an Lawrence Wealth Management Investment Insights Event.