Impact Investing

A New Offering for Clients

We are excited and very pleased to offer an opportunity for our clients to invest in companies executing responsible values as these companies compete and make a positive impact upon the environment and the communities in which they operate.

We began our research in 2015 and now have stock and mutual fund portfolios with the purpose of investing in companies developing and growing their respective businesses with a responsible operating philosophy.

Your Investments Can Now Be Aligned With Your Values

Specifically, the companies in which our clients may invest are assessed in terms of how they impact the environment, their communities, employees, customers and vendors. Corporate governance is correspondingly assessed to determine if Boards of Directors are fully representing shareholder interests and holding management fully accountable.

“SRI” Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing has come of age and is now a financially sound form of investing. Approximately 22% ($8.1 trillion) of US domiciled investment assets now apply some level of environmental, social, and/or governance (ESG) criteria. While there are 32 criteria used to assess compliance to ESG, many companies pass/adhere to a subset of the criteria.

Performance Does Not Have to Be Sacrificed

Investment Performance is comparable, and in many instances, superior to returns of the major stock market indices. Marsh, Mercer, Kroll, an investment consulting firm, reviewed 20 SRI stock performance assessment studies and found the following:

  • 10 showed that SRI stock outperformed the stock market indices
  • 7 showed no difference
  • 3 showed negative results

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