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Conflict Free

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We deliver competent, conflict free financial advice to you always.

Our compensation structure is conflict free, meaning our compensation is limited to a percentage of assets. We receive no other compensation from the sale of any investment product. As a result, our financial interests are always aligned with yours. This model is in contrast to many financial firms that receive commissions when they “sell” investment products. Our "fee-only" compensation gives our clients confidence that our advice is independent and our recommendations are based on what is in their best interest.

We are a boutique firm, serving your unique needs.

Because we are a small firm we keep our costs low to profitably serve a small number of high net worth individuals and their families. While we will remain a small, boutique firm and continue to deliver customized financial and investments solutions to a select number of clients, you will always benefit from our years of experience navigating challenging and volatile markets.

Most of all, your assets are safe and secure.

Our client assets are “held” at Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. as custodian. While we do not “work” for Charles Schwab, we recommend that our clients use this custodian because of its low trading costs and full array of investments available for our clients. For example, we make conflict free purchases for our clients from companies such as Vanguard and T. Rowe Price. These options may not be available for clients of many of the “regional and global” stock brokerage firms.