Lawrence Wealth Management Reports are educational and informational in nature and not designed to apply to all clients. Feel free to download any reports. If you have any questions, please call us at 215-540-0896 or 303-495-7758.

Why Clients Select Us - It's all About Our Service

Client service remains a top priority!

We respond to client requests swiftly, usually within the same day because we serve a limited number of clients. Clients know they can contact us seven days a week and will usually receive a response the same day.


Client financial plans and strategies are designed specifically for each client’s particular needs and goals.

Once again, the fact that we serve a limited number of clients enables us to work closely with each client to design and implement a thoughtful and individualized, long-term strategy.


Client interests always come first!

Lawrence Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisory “RIA” firm and as such is legally bound to the Fiduciary Duty Standard.

“A fiduciary duty is a duty to act for someone else's benefit, while subordinating one's personal interests to that of the other person.” - Blacks Law dictionary.


We deliver timely advice to clients and make portfolio changes when appropriate.

Our 10-member collaborative investment committee meets weekly to review and assess economic and investment developments that may affect stock and bond markets and thus, our client's portfolios.  While we are a small boutique firm, our capabilities are extensive drawing upon in-house research and other industry resources.


Clients have confidence that steady hands are guiding their investment portfolios.

We have navigated through many bear and bull markets during the past 30+ years.  This gives us the experience and understanding of market cycles to keep emotions contained and not change a well-design investment strategy.