Our thirty years of investment experience is especially relevant; we are financial advisors who successfully navigate challenging, volatile markets and only offer the sound, long term strategies you need. Your financial interests ALWAYS come first. Always swift, private, and personal. Because we are a boutique firm, our financial advisors provide customized solutions and highly responsive customer service.


Your Investments Can Now Be Aligned With Your Values

We are excited and very pleased to offer an opportunity for our clients to invest in companies executing responsible values as these companies compete and make a positive impact upon the environment and the communities in which they operate. Specifically, the companies in which our clients may invest are assessed in terms of how they impact the environment, their communities, employees, customers and vendors. Corporate governance is correspondingly assessed to determine if Boards of Directors are fully representing shareholder interests and holding management fully accountable.


Performance Does Not Have to Be Sacrificed

Investment Performance is comparable, and in many instances, superior to returns of the major stock market indices. Marsh, Mercer, Kroll, an investment consulting firm, reviewed 20 SRI stock performance assessment studies and found the following:

  • 10 showed that SRI stock outperformed the stock market indices
  • 7 showed no difference
  • 3 showed negative results



Our financial services team prepare comprehensive plans that provide a road map to help you achieve your financial goals.  These plans bring together your assets, savings estimates, investment return assumptions, social security, insurance, among many other assumptions. We typically go through three to five scenarios to end up with a document upon which you can rely with confidence. Typical scenarios would be:

  • Retirement
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Education Savings
  • Charitable Giving

An Investment Policy Statement “IPS” may be prepared especially for you. The IPS includes a long-term investment strategy based on your investment time horizon, cash needs from your investments, risk tolerance, and any other special circumstances.”


The most important decision we make with you is to determine the allocation of your funds to stocks/equities, bonds, cash, and hedging strategies. Once your allocation of funds is determined, we construct a well-diversified portfolio of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, bonds, and stocks.

The investment database we use includes over 30,000 mutual funds and 2,000 exchange traded funds (ETFs). We apply a disciplined methodology that generates approximately 30-40 funds from which we personally select 10-20 funds for you. We use low cost index funds when we cannot identify an actively managed fund that has a superior risk/return profile.


Our advisory fees are based on assets under management and are billed monthly. Fees are deducted directly from client accounts held at their custodian.


Fees on first $500,000: 1.00%
Fees on incremental amount $500,001 to $1,000,000: 0.95%
Fees on incremental amount $1,000,001 to $2,000,000: 0.85%
Fees on assets over $2,000,000: Negotiable